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Hello there lovely, my name is Cherrie.

Welcome to my story.

If you can let go of your passion and follow your curiosity, your curiosity just might lead your to your passion.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Firstly, thank you for coming by for a little more insight into what this page is about and who I am.


I'm author, editor-in-chief and creative directress behind my little lifestyle blog that I initially created partially to raise awareness so that as consumers we make kinder, conscientious choices that leave a cleaner footprint on this planet and partially to share my experiences of this wonderful world as a Perth woman who is always making over her life.

This platform is about positivity, life experiences, beauty, love, date ideas and more importantly, inspiring other women to step into the light to follow the path of their dreams.


I'd say one of my defining characteristics is a deep love of learning which presents itself as a perpetual curiosity. My other defining characteristic is being a proactive solution seeker that unites different networks to put the wheels in motion.

There's no rhyme or reason to what I find interesting at the time. Sometimes my questions are born from my own needs or sometimes I've encountered a problem within a community. Instead of joining in whinging about it, I'll go on my merry way to help find a resolution to bring back to them.


Questioning, researching, discovering and learning. It seems I'm forever on an insatiable quest for answers.


Last night I was looking at mica under a microscope. Last week I was researching the three different types of connective tissues. (Did you know that there are two types of fat and only one of those fats are designed to keep us warm?) Today, I was making phone calls to my local council asking if they will support a recycling initiative in the community for the waste stream from beauty products because L'Oreal has closed down their TerraCycle recycling program.

My love of learning means I've always had a different answer to the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?"


Since a very young age, I've been part of a culture that is insistent on narrowing us down a pathway towards a career or a business that focuses on one passion, niche markets and specialties, any of which are supposed to lead us to a reliable income.


However, for people like myself, it becomes extremely stressful when the path to anything becomes interesting but we may not feel the desire to keep walking the same path we chose the week before.

Almost daily, something else catches my interest which has the potential to become something marvellous but then that leads to another craft, which opens even more doors, more possibilities, more questions and more answers.

For the longest time, I cursed myself for flitting from one interest to the next. I felt that I was failing at life because I couldn't "find my passion" but that self-doubt changed when I listened to a talk given by Elizabeth Gilbert who has become an "anti-passion spokeswoman", instead creating an understanding and a peaceful space by referring to people like myself as 'Hummingbirds'.

"If you can let go of your passion and follow your curiosity, your

curiosity just might lead you to your passion." Elizabeth Gilbert

So what do we do when anything could be our everything because learning is our passion!? 


I turned to 'set and forget' multilevel crowd investing which has freed me up to follow my curiosity without the burden of turning everything into a potential income.


Giving myself permission to walk my own path has enabled me to explore my creative sides such as blogging, writing and styling, whilst also focusing my energies on creating awareness around issues I care about such as eco-beauty and circular economy initiatives that move us towards less landfill and cleaner oceans.

There are definitely several constants in my life. My love of colour {especially pastels and pink} <those little scrolly brackets, pretty dresses, florals and flowers, long hair, flowing fresh water, iridescent shiny things, seafood and my fiercely protective spirit over nature. (Pretty sure I was a mermaid in my past life.) And of course, my wonderful husband to be, Paul.

When I’m not writing on this little blog of mine or preparing for my wedding, you'll find me sewing and styling a curvy outfit ready for a date with my honey Paul, to enjoy our home city Perth, Western Australia (dubbed one of the most isolated​​​ and beautiful cities ​of the world ) or perhaps we are outside immersed in nature, narrowing down clues to another hidden geocache.

Whatever it may be, join me as I share a life beyond the 9-5. You're more than welcome to be part of the community of people who are living their best life.

Thank you for visiting and as always ... stay beautiful.