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  • Cherrie Ann


HEY LOVELY! It's Monday again which means another weekly delivery just arrived at my front door. Wahoo! Having meal-kits delivered is so awesome that Paul and I have now been using them for over 18 months!

HelloFresh is perfect for enjoying a variety of delicious, healthy, home-cooked meals on a budget, without all the frustration and time-wasting that goes into normal meal planning.

Whilst I was a "single" mum, I tried to be one of those perfect, organised women (whoever you are lady, you're amazing!) but scouring through recipes each week was overwhelming, time consuming and frustratingly boring ... so I didn't do it.

Instead, I always craved home-cooked meals that offered variety but I had no idea what to cook. In fact, one of the goals I had written down for 2017 was "Find a way to stick to a food budget with healthy, tasty meals."

When Paul and I first came together, we were both in the habit of popping down to our local IGA store last minute which meant we were standing around in the shops trying to figure out what to buy for dinner that night.

We decided to be a bit more pro-active about organising our meals which then meant spending far too long (hours) on a Sunday night combing through thousands of recipes online from somewhere like Taste and then convert the recipes into a reasonable shopping list, ready to order online from Woolworths so that we could get everything delivered. *Groan*

Sitting down at the end of the week was an arduous, frustrating task that we both preferred not to be doing.

We also noticed that as the weeks went on, despite our best attempts to buy smaller portions for two, keeping to an exact budget was challenging (and even more time consuming) plus, we still had far too much food going to waste.

So I was on the look out for a solution that saved us time, gave us an exact budget to stick to whilst still offering a variety of tasty meals. All I really wanted was for someone else to make all those hard, time consuming decisions and bring everything to me, ready to cook each night.

The universe is an amazing provider when we articulate what we want, so when a fellow entrepreneur shared that she was using HelloFresh to feed her family, I was all ears!

Paul and I quickly signed up via her referral link for $50 off our first box around Christmas time 2017 and happily, my 2017 goal was ticked off.

Lovely, I had no idea how stressful the whole deciding what's for dinner thing was, until I felt the sheer relief of not having to do it anymore.

That was over 18 months ago. Since then, Paul and I have been using HelloFresh almost weekly. We developed a routine of sharing the responsibility of cooking. I prep all the veggies, salads and sauces, getting everything heated up and ready then Paul whips it all together, adding his own flair here and there, and then I clean everything up.

(Sometimes I complain because like every great chef, he can make a mess from one side of the kitchen to the other haha!)

Why Have We Been Using HelloFresh For Over 18 Months?

💚 The biggest relief for me is each week we have an exact, consistent food budget. Paul and I order the Classic Box - 5 meals a week for 2 people, plus $9.95 delivery which totals $119.90.

💚 We look forward to seeing what's on our weekly menu. All I do is 'tick a box' online or use their app for our 5 meals from a selection of about 10 different meals. We love the convenience of being able to pre-select for several weeks in advance.

HelloFresh is super flexible with no lock in contracts.

Plus, if Paul and I are travelling, we can choose to 'Skip' a delivery that week, knowing that our fridge will be clean before we leave. Then for example, if we are coming back on the weekend, I can set the delivery on the Monday, ready for our return without having to scramble to the shops when we get back.

HelloFresh: Our fridge always ready for a holiday

💚 We are enjoying healthy, delicious cuisines from around the world: Italian, South American, Greek, American, Asian, Korean, Mexican, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Indian, Thai, the list goes on and so do the options; pastas, meatballs, burgers, schnitzels, crusted salmon, quesadillas, stir-frys, enchiladas, pies, noodles, nachos, chillis, tacos, curries, which all come with side dishes of seasoned vegies and/or an assortment of fresh salads.

The recipes include chicken, pork, beef, lamb and seafood. (You can out of recipes that contain an ingredient you don't want to eat ie pork or seafood.)

There are also vegetarian options which we find rather tasty and satisfying, so we usually do at least one meat-free meal a week.

To say we have variety is an understatement! You can check out all their recipes here.

💚 All that time I used to waste stressing, trying to plan our weekly meals is freed up so I can do more important things like spend time with my honey or write on my blog.

💚 There's always the perfect amount of food so ingredients aren't going to waste before we can use them. If there's any leftovers (which quite often there are), I have it for a perfect sized lunch the following day.

Not only are we saving money, we are doing our part to minimise the footprint we leave on the environment.

There are many reasons our diets impact the world in such a massive way. One of those factors is the break down of our organic food waste.

In Perth and surrounding suburbs, any food thrown into our green bins usually becomes landfill and because of the way food waste breaks down; it can create methane, a greenhouse emission.

As a side note, some City's manage their waste more responsibly than other's by diverting organic waste away from landfill into low grade organic compost to be used in agriculture, whilst other's are creating energy from our waste.

HelloFresh also does their part to provide meal kits in environmentally friendly packaging whenever possible.

Every choice we make as a consumer tells an important story.

💚 HelloFresh supports local businesses by sourcing seasonal and local ingredients from Australian suppliers, wherever possible, which includes ethically raised meat to farm-fresh produce.

💚 If we have any issues about the quality of the food in our kits I can call customer care and speak to someone and let HelloFresh know we weren't 100% happy. We've had a couple of weeks here and there where maybe a vegetable wasn't as fresh as it could have been so they credit our account and follow this up with their suppliers.

You may be inspired to give HelloFresh a trial for yourself, so I have a couple of options for you.

If you use Raiz, the best little save, earn and invest platform everrrrrr, HelloFresh is one of their rewards partners which means they offer different deals. (If you don't know what is Raiz but you've been wishing you could save better and grow your savings through micro-investing, then this is a godsend for you! I wrote about Raiz here.)


You can use the same offer I used and simply receive $50 off your first box. When we invite Friends and Family and they choose to trial a box, HelloFresh pays it forward by crediting us $50 too, which means you'll be able to do the same. Do this enough times and you can have meals for FREE!

NB: A little bonus tip - If you have a HCF hospital cover membership, you can save another 10% each week with HelloFresh.

Question - Have you ever tried a recipe-kit delivery service from Perth?