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  • Cherrie Ann

19th December 2019

As you can see, I've changed the website up a bit. There might be a few glitches but it's good enough to write on and share. The previous version wasn't really working for me. I needed to create a space where I was talking with friends, not writing "blog posts" so I've made it more like it was when I used to write letters to everyone. I hope you appreciate the change the same way I do.

The year seems to have danced over several months or skipped some completely and now here we are, 8 days before Christmas! 🎄 Are you ready? Have you planned anything exciting?

Last year was a dream come true! It honestly felt like magic was in the air on Christmas morning. Paul found the perfect collection of Christmas tunes and I invented a game where we all had turns rolling the dice and whoever rolled the highest number was able to open a present. 🎁

Plus, we hosted our first Christmas lunch, inviting all the relatives (about 50 or more) and surprising everyone with a giant water slide we had hired for 5 or 6 days! It was so rewarding to see all the younger cousins entertained all day.

Jansen, Callan, Paul and I had so much belly-aching laughter playing on that thing, especially when we all flew off the edge arm in arm, covered in bubbles.

This year, I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't even put up my tree or any beautiful lights the way I wanted. :( I still have time right?

We've planned a fairly quiet lunch with my boys with perhaps a few board games. I hadn't been feeling my usual self for a few months, only I didn't know why until recently. Whenever Paul and I attempted to plan anything like holidays or events, even going out for dinner, I just wasn't into it.

There was no excitement and the idea of doing anything seemed exhausting.

But that's all changed! I'm a month into treatment and I feel 110% back to myself. My energy is back, my excitement is back. It's like I had a parasite that was sucking the life out of me but I didn't know what it was until it started dying.

There's so much for me to look forward to that I can hardly contain myself.

The CT scan came back clear of any brain tumours. 🎉 I met with Dr Oncologist on Monday and his attitude towards me was very different to the first time he and I met. He didn't feel like a car salesman trying to sell me an old bomb.

We had an honest talk about how his approach made me feel. He doesn't believe he had an agenda to steer me strongly towards doing a trial, so much so that he wasn't answering any of my questions except those that related to the trial and if they didn't relate to the trial, he made it about the trial.

In the end, we had to "agree to disagree" but you can guarantee I saw his eye-roll as I was leaving his office. (I'm still yet to sit down and share my feedback with the hospital about everything that happened.)

The great news is the tumours are definitely shrinking and we will check what is happening in January with another PET scan. Then everyone will get together (supposedly) and decide on the course of action going forward, which is probably still going to include surgery.

No, I don't want surgery. It's scary, painful and we miss out on sex for a few weeks. Also, I don't see the point if the tumours are already melting away, so much so that they could completely disappear but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it because the decision is always mine, regardless of what doctors advise.

*claps my hands together in glee*

Guess what? We are planning for two holidays! Our first one is for the end of April/May which we've named The Capitals Tour. YES, it's happening. We are going to Queensland!!

The plan is to get to Melbourne (I'm hoping by cruise) then spend 3 weeks or so driving along the east coast to Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane and from there we'll fly up to Cairns or something.

We always plan a few memorable things to do when we travel, instead of jamming everything into one holiday.

Currently, we are planning cable lifts at Scenic World to explore the Blue Mountains in Sydney (if the fires don't destroy everything). I'd also like to explore the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland so I can see the Ulysses Butterfly and the cassowary, plus snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef.

We're also adding ideas to our wedding/honeymoon or just any time we please and Bora Bora is looking even more fabulous than ever. Paul sent a stunning photo of a turtle swimming through a lagoon. That night I had a dream I was there, swimming with dolphins, sharks, orcas and that turtle.

There is so much excitement in my life, especially with my investments taking off. I believe in 6 months or less I'll be earning a kick arse income. I'll let you know what I'm into soon. Who knows, you may want to jump onboard too. (You'd be crazy not to!)

Okay, I have to share. The place below us went up for auction a few months after the previous owner died. Did I tell you about that story?

It's pretty uncomfortable to have people living so close so I kept saying to Paul "Imagine if people buy the place and they never move in." and that's exactly what has happened. The new owners have no idea what they want to do with the property. They just come and do the garden whilst they decide.

Before the owners Frank and Franchesca and I met, I was secretly wishing for something in common with them, hoping it would be dressmaking. I had no idea that both myself and Frank would be going through treatment for cancer at the same hospital. In fact one afternoon we had appointments 15 minutes apart. Now we touch base with each other to see how we are all progressing.

Which brings me to a conversation I had yesterday with one of my neighbours Chrissie. We had a quick chat as I was walking past but I had to go back to her because I noticed she was donning a measuring tape around her neck and thought "Is she my sewing buddy?"

As it turns out, she is a dressmaker so I asked if I could call on her if I get stuck with my dressmaking. Thank you again universe.

Oh, which reminds me! I finished another circle skirt. I could not be prouder, especially when I'm wearing a piece that someone comments on. I'm still to learn how to make tops or dresses but I'm going to invest in a Sure-Fit Design kit to help me draft patterns properly every time. The weather dropped back down to a cool 24° (after sitting in the 40°s) so I took the opportunity whilst it lasts to finish off the chairs. The makeover of the dining set isn't going anywhere near as perfect as I envisioned but they are definitely nicer in the white. The table should be ready for Christmas day. I'm really keen to host game nights with themed dinners which I'll share.

I think we'll be moving next year. As much as I love it here, I'd love a place with a swimming pool, especially for entertaining in the summer months so I've already started looking to see what's around.

Oop, time for the meds so I'll leave it there but you have to tell me what you're looking forward to.

Talk soon,

Love Cherrie xx