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  • Cherrie Ann


HEY LOVELY! It's that time of year where I enjoy reflecting on everything I have experienced during the last 12 months.

Christmas Time: Gratitude Time!!

What always comes to mind is the day around 2 years ago that I made a wonderful change to my life, going from a single woman to being with a loving partner as a result of replacing one particular word.

Since my early 30's, I've deliberately changed how I communicate internally and externally, (what I think and speak) specifically by structuring my sentences into an affirmative action and by being mindful of how I use language to identify myself.

A common example, most people say "Don't forget to ..." whereas I say "Remember to ..."

This fascinating language formation is called Neuro Linguistics, neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic) which creates an immediate, physical change in the structure of the brain.

Synapses connect enabling neurons to travel and fire in parts of the brain they didn't previously have access to, thus allowing us to physically see possibilities and opportunities that were previously in our blind spot.

It's a little Star Wars Yoda "Do or do not, there is no try ..." but I've been using this technique successfully for over a decade, giving me control over my life and how I react to circumstances which in turn has created some truly memorable stories.

One of my favourite stories which I believe is as a direct result of applying this technique was realising I was referring to myself as "single" which always predetermined that I was singular. That was the last thing I wanted for myself.

It was definitely a lightbulb moment. I could feel my little neurons light up, coming to life as I realised what I'd been referring to myself as a "single mum" for years! So I replaced the word "single" and referred to myself as "available".

The effect was immediate. My energy was different. I felt ready. The self-imposed, unrealised barrier was gone.

And ... within 48 hours I had random men driving past and then coming back, offering me their number (or dumping it in my lap as I sat on the train), asking to spend time with me.

Within 2 weeks, Paul and I had made the decision to connect and see where a friendship could take us.

A few short, wonderful weeks later, we went on our first "getaway adventure" together down South during the Christmas break, staying in some beautiful honeymoon suites. *blush blush*

Christmas has become a very memorable celebration of change, adventure, and love.

QUESTION: What's your favourite Christmas time memory?