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  • Cherrie Ann


HEY LOVELY! I've been so excited these last few days. After reaching out to Sandra aka The Sewanista, I'm super confident that I've finally found a sewing teacher that will enjoy helping me bring my dressmaking designs to life. YAY!!

During my initial conversation with Sandra I mentioned my sewing struggles regarding grading patterns to suit my body and asked where I should start.

Sandra recommended our first couple of hours together would be better used to take my measurements and create a Princess Seam Block through Tailornova, an online fashion design software that helps you create unlimited designs easier and faster than ever.

OMG! Where has this site been the last year or so? It's a little slice of magic and exactly what I've been looking for. I immediately signed up for my own free account and with a little help from Paul, keyed in my measurements which also includes an allowance for my stomach and bum and tada, here I am.

Tailornova; My 3D Fitmodel

There are still a few measurements I will be checking with Sandra but it's an exciting start. I feel like the whole sewing world has opened up to me.

I also had a bit of a bargain find. Meet Diana, my dressmaker's dummy. I nearly purchased one of these last year from Janome {the same place I purchased Elna} for $350 but they were out of stock so my order was cancelled. I know Spotlight always has some great deals. I'll be keeping my eye out for an overlocker.

After deciding to give dressmaking another go, I did a casual search on Facebook market for a plus size mannequin and up popped this little gem, which I scored down from $140 to $85! {Never be afraid of bartering ladies!}

Because Diana {yes, this is her name now} is a size B, I wasn't completely confident that she'd measure up so I flicked Sandra a message asking about making a padded dress form for my size where she recommended Bootstrap Patterns custom drafted Dress Form Cover.

This took me to a whole nother world of custom made patterns {and then back to Tailornova again}. My biggest problem now is deciding what I'll custom design and make first! *does a happy dance*

I'll definitely be starting with Diana's makeover so stay tuned.

Questions - What skill have you been wanting to develop but have put off?

Meet Diana; Size B Dressmaker's Dummy