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  • Cherrie Ann


HEY LOVELY! A super quick post to brighten your day. Look at this smiling sunflower we planted from a seed! Remember; the only accessory that will instantly change your outlook on your day is a smile and the bonus is smiles are contagious.

A sunflower in full bloom.

Paul and I were watching an episode of Bates Motel on Netflix where we saw a country fair scene of two men either side of a log, sawing it in half which reminded of us the country shows we sometimes went to when we were both younger.

We instantly started planning our next weekend adventures, perhaps to watch a wood cutting competition and relive a few memories {and so I can eat fairy floss ... I swear I can smell that stuff every time we go to an outdoor event}. I've always imagined playing that game where people bob for apples which seems appropriate at country fairs. Have you ever played that game ... and more importantly, won!?

However, it seemed for the most part that show season was already over so we will have to wait until next year. Something to look forward to.

Anyway, that lead to a conversation about planting sunflowers to liven up the bare patches of the garden and camouflage the dull, grey Hardifence around the perimeter of our yard.

The next day Paul bought 3 varieties of sunflowers from Bunnings, along with a dry mulch brick that expands into a wheel barrow of moist mulch when you add water. {Haha, I just noticed the sunflowers on the packaging}

Sunflower Seeds: Sun King, Royal Velvet & Solar Flash

We already have a lemon tree, orange tree and peach tree so the sunflowers happy, smiling, yellow faces will be quite the addition to the garden.

My hope is that because sunflowers are fast growing, they will bloom and come to full seed before Paul and I move to a riverside apartment come March/April. It would be so rewarding to see the neighbourhood birds flock in the garden to enjoy the fruits of our love.

WEEK 1 UPDATE: YAY! They're growing. In about 4/5 days most had already sprouted and broken through. I find it remarkable at how quickly they germinated.

The instructions read to plant two seeds and remove the weakest. I may replant the weakest seedlings in a pot, give them a chance to become stronger and then pop them into the garden to see how they grow compared to the others.

It seems I may have inadvertently dropped a few sunflower seeds as there is a handful of sprouts clumped close together. Oops

Week 1: Our first sunflower sprout

WEEK 2 UPDATE: Wow! These babies grow fast. I think these may be the Sun King sprouts.

Week 2: Sunflower Growth

WEEK 3 UPDATE: Haha! So the sunflowers I deliberately planted aren't sprouting as well, probably because I planted the seeds too deep BUT the seeds that I accidentally dropped are growing magnificently.

Week 3: Instant gratification

WEEK 8 UPDATE: We started to notice bugs having a nibble and little buds starting to form. If you ever want instant gratification, grow sunflowers!The whole family is getting a little buzz from watching these grow.

A little bud has formed!

NEW YEAR UPDATE: WE MOVED! As it turned out, Paul and I found our new riverside apartment 3 months before we were going to leave. I'm so excited to show you!

This meant Paul and I became visitors to the sunflowers whilst my sons, stayed on in the property and looked after the blossoming giants.

BOOM! They are so close to flowering and the stalk is still growing in size. They are definitely filling the space.

ABOUT TO BLOOM: The flower heads on these plants are giant and the plant itself is nearly as tall as I am!

CIRCLE OF LIFE: Between the bugs and bees and the abundance of new seeds I was rather taken with the realisation that we had created a little ecosystem around these sunflowers.

It made me appreciate a different way we can make a positive impact on nature.

One of our Sun King sunflowers! As round as my own face

Each flower head is filled with millions of smaller flowers inside!

I think this is a Solar Flash sunflower

THE END OR A NEW BEGINNING: I'm not sure if these seeds will germinate but we will find out next year when Paul and I start throwing them around the neighbourhood!

They are certainly tasty little morsels.

UPDATE: My son's girlfriends Jennifer planted a few and they germinated!