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  • Cherrie Ann


Twice this week I've been delighted by the magic of serendipity. {Do you love that word too?}✨

This week my eldest son Jansen turned 23. {By his age I was already married, mum to one and another on the way. Talk about perspective!}

One of my favourite things to do is surprise people. I get so excited when I imagine their happiness and I find the best reactions come from gifting people experiences. It truly makes everyone's day memorable.

Last year, we all went indoor skydiving for Jansen's and Paul's birthday but it also happened to coincide with my cancer results coming back clear. Sometimes iFly have VR linked up so you can feel like you're base jumping or skydiving over Hawaii or the Swiss Alps. How friggen cool is that! (Another surprise noted).

This year I took it up a notch and surprised Jansen with his first flying lesson which I booked through Adrenaline. {I also booked Paul's birthday present whilst I was there! I'm really looking forward to showing you that!}

I picked Jansen up, drove him to Air Australia International where we met his instructor, Roland and it went a little something like this.

Roland, shaking Jansen's hand "So, are you ready?"

Jansen shaking Roland's hand "Sure, what are we doing?"

Roland looks at me with the 'oh he doesn't know, hows this going to go down' and back to Jansen "You're flying a plane today."

Jansen "Oh *digests the information*. We are? Cool."

"Yes but what are we doing here mum?"

"You're about to fly a plane Jansen."

In the pilot's seat getting ready for take off.

And off my son went. Not only did he get to fly the plane, he also navigated take off which was a bit of a bonus surprise.

Whilst Jansen was in the air it dawned on me that this could be 'his thing'. I could see him dressed as a pilot, swooping across the skies whilst travelling the world so I started asking Chuck questions about lessons.

I wanted more information but didn't really know what to ask so you bet I had my listening ears on when a guy walks in with his son proclaiming "My son wants to sign up for lessons today." #perfecttiming

Jansen touched down and he was pumped! I was happily surprised about how much free reign they'd given him, including a touch of aerobatics.

We spent most of the rest of our day playing back and forth. "What did you do today Jansen?" ... "I flew a plane mum!" 10 minutes later "Guess what I did today mum?" .. "What did you do today Jansen?" ... "I flew a plane!!"

It was so good to see him want for more! My heart went out to him when I could see he was restless with an ordinary day. He wanted to be back in the plane, flying and learning more, so we started looking for a solution.

It wasn't until the next day when we were both talking about the possibilities that Jansen happened to open up his Facebook, which went directly to a post where a guy in a group was talking about being dissatisfied with his job and was seeking recommendations.

The very first comment was from a guy who recommended getting his commercial pilot's license with information about affording it through student loans. Jansen lit up and laughed as he shared what had just happened. Serendipity strikes again!

There's something so special about seeing people excited about their future in a way they weren't moments before.

Who knows. One day my son could be flying me (or you) across the world! That will be cool.

Question - What was the last surprise you did?