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  • Cherrie Ann


HEY LOVELY! Happy New Year!! Paul and I found our gem of a dream home a few months earlier than anticipated. Although I know that manifesting our imagination is more than possible because I've been deliberately practicing for over a decade, I'm always tickled pink when I see how it all unfolds.


You know those early dating moments when you're on romantic getaways together having playful conversations about "our dream home" and you're adding dams and lakes to your design? That's what we did except our wishlist became quite specific the more dates we went on.

When Paul and I decided to celebrate our first year together {which coincided with 2018 New Year} by sampling a few of Perth's inner city bars and a night at the Crowne Plaza we really honed our desires.

We love dressing up and heading out somewhere lovely. One summer evening we donned our finest just to eat an ice cream whilst overlooking the Rockingham foreshore. Onlookers assumed we were coming from a wedding. No, just having ice cream.

Bar Night began with the Halford 1950's inspired Basement Lounge Bar. With its thick velvet cushions, coloured feathers and rainbow lights the decor was perfect for a cabaret but with so few people the atmosphere was really lacking.

Halford Bar, Cathedral Ave, Perth WA

Our second stop was nestled around the corner Lalla Rookh Bar and Eating House where we enjoyed an alfresco charcuterie board of olives and meats.

Our final stop was tucked away in Bar Lafayette. It was a rabbit warren of rooms and nooks converted to drinking spaces. Each space had a slightly different feel depending on the decor.

As unique as these bars were, their decadent drinks weren't doing it for me so we headed back to the Crowne Plaza Gusti Restaurant where I enjoyed a few Toblerone cocktails that really hit the spot {Mental note - Make Toblerones for Australia Day!} then contently retired to our room for a balcony sunset.

Crowne Plaza Perth | View out to the Swan River

As we overlooked the Swan River the next morning, we began to wonder what life would be like to live by the river. Both with adult children, Paul and I had done the parenting thing, outgrowing suburban family life, already contemplating apartment living.

Crowne Plaza Perth | Good morning!

So 2018 became an exploration of the Swan and Canning river in search of our hidden gem.

At first I was convinced it would be Claisebrook Cove with its quiet little inlet, vast green lawns and rainbow bridge but after researching the apartments in the area over a few months, I noticed they didn't offer anything inviting or value for money.

One weekend we 'accidentally' viewed a $3 million Perth city penthouse. Honestly, the furniture did more for me than the gusty, sky high views.

Nothing seemed quite right until our August date night when Jansen asked to host a birthday party for his friend.

Paul and I were more than happy to take the opportunity for a night away and for some reason we were both super excited as we made plans.

We decided to stay in one of The Peninsula Riverside Serviced Apartments so we could get ready then catch the ferry across to Elizabeth Quay to dine at The Oyster Bar.

The universe was really weaving some magic because I'd put these apartments on my wish list a couple of years earlier after taking a private tour through them.

Our night was perfect! We enjoyed so many oysters we lost count. We drank to our hearts content, including oyster shooters to the point I actually may have been tipsy on a night out which is a rarity for me.

We then ferried back across the Swan, laughed our way to the nearest bottle shop for shooter roulette and another bottle of wine, to enjoy on the balcony until 2am drinking, watching the lights, sharing ideas, having fun and listening to the rain sweep across the river. (This is still my favourite night together.)

As we sat outside the next morning, drinking our coffee to the picturesque views, it dawned on us both that this is where we wanted to be!

I immediately began looking online seeing lots of opportunities for us.

The more we looked around, the more we noticed how much South Perth had on offer with plenty of local cafes, restaurants, stunning parks, a splendid view of the Swan River during the day and the city lights at night.

We knew exactly which street we wanted to be on, what view we wanted to have and I even jokingly rattled off everything I wanted inside the house, in including two vanity sinks, floor to ceiling mirrors, balconies and the list went on.

Over the coming months, I kept a close eye on the houses all along the road, ready for our move in March 2019. However, right before Christmas one home kept catching my eye as it seemed to have lots of character with an unusual view that we couldn't quite place from photos.

I convinced Paul that we should view the property and we immediately fell in love with the place!

We packed and moved within a week, ready for New Year's fireworks and Australia Day SkyShow and every day here has been magical.

This Spring we have been super fortunate to watch over swans nesting in the lake, right in front of us and now I'm doing my part to protect these swans from dog owners who allow their pets off the leash to chase birds.

For the first time in a very long time, I feel home and I thank the magic that bought our imagination to life.