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  • Cherrie Ann


HEY LOVELY! I have some hefty saving goals ahead of me this year. I've made a decision about my health which requires me to save about $5500 for private surgery. Along with that, Paul and I are planning our destination wedding. OMG can you believe it? We're getting married! 😍

These goals and a few others that have my attention mean I'm more determined than ever to leverage different ways to make more money and save for the things I want.

In an attempt to boost my bank balance quicker, some of you may know that I enrolled in private investment and finance courses (that offer a heap of perks such as being a co-owner) in preparation of expanding my portfolio to include passive income streams from the stock market.

Although I'm still learning, I didn't want to waste valuable time that could be compounding money from investments so I kept my eyes open for even more opportunities.

Recently I saw Callie from Hot Pink and Glitter share her finance adventures, where she's successfully using a app called Digit to save for her travels with zero effort.

I'll let you in on a little secret. Despite all the great savings tips we're already savvy to such as;

  • Know what you're saving for

  • Pay yourself first

  • Save 10% of any cash that comes into your life

  • Keep your funds in separate accounts

Yada yada yada ... I've had issues in the past getting beyond a certain threshold. Something always seemed to come up and it would be too easy to simply login or go into the bank to transfer money from one account to the other, plus a few of you may have noticed I'm definitely doing my part supporting the Australian economy ... 😉

Unfortunately Digit isn't an option for Australian's so I looked for a similar alternative. After some research I came across a winning combination in an app called Raiz that not only helps me save and removes temptation, it started me on my investment journey which means I am earning sooner rather than later plus, I'm rewarded for my spending! Fabulous combination right?


Raiz is a micro-investing app, based on the principle that regular investment, even if in small amounts, can lead to large savings over time.


Regular Savings

Raiz enables me to save and contribute money towards any of my pre-set goals by scheduling recurring deposits from my elected funding account for an amount I choose and as often as I choose.

A really cool feature is, once I've set up how much I want to contribute, the app will forecast the date I will achieve my goal. There's something very satisfying about seeing easy to read analytics laid out nicely in front of my eyes.

Raiz also lets me monitor my spending habits by automatically categorizing all of my transactions.

For example since the beginning of January I know that I had 9 transactions associated with HelloFresh totalling $938.10.

This is a super cool way to highlight where my money is going. (Ahem, I'm looking at you KFC wicked wings.)


The best feature is Raiz monitors my chosen accounts for purchases and rounds up transactions to the next dollar (which I do automatically do in my head anyway).

Once these small Round-Ups reach $5, they will be invested on my behalf in 1 of the 6 portfolios.

For example, if I spend $5.99 on my Hayu subscription then Raiz rounds it up to $6.00

putting the .01 cent towards my portfolio and

when I spend $8.95 on Australia Post then Raiz rounds it up to $9.00, collecting the .05 cents to put towards my portfolio.


One of the bonus features is the Raiz Rewards. They've partnered up with my favourite clothing brands who will automatically invest a percentage of my sale back into my Raiz Investment Account when I shop!

Some of my every day brands listed are Adrenaline, Australia Post, David Jones, BooHoo, ASOS, Missguided, The Iconic, HelloFresh, Lovisa, Macy's, Net-A-Porter, Pretty Little Thing, Priceline, Red Balloon and Spotlight to name just a few! Haha

To put the rewards into perspective, Spotlight contributed 3.5% of $27 ($0.95) back into my investment portfolio. Doesn't sound like much? Allow me to put that in a much bigger picture.

I have spent $2036.15 on a few of the brands I mentioned above. 🤫

On average, the brands I mentioned return 4.14% of the sale back into my Raiz portfolio.

Which equates to an additional $84.29.

That's 100% risk FREE money from places I already shop, going back into my investing.

Imagine the boost you get to your savings when you purchase your travel with brands such as Air NZ, Emirates and Hawaiian Airlines.


There is a $2.50 monthly fee on any amount under $10,000.

When you sign up using a referral link (like this one) you get $5 in your account for free. So this offsets the monthly fee for first two months.

There are NEVER:

  • Establishment fees

  • Contribution fees

  • Switching fees

  • Trading fees

  • Broker fees

  • Withdrawal fees

  • Termination fees

WITHDRAW AT ANY TIME You can request a withdrawal of all or part of your investment from your Raiz Investment Account at any time. They will dispose of sufficient investments to pay the withdrawal proceeds in cash within 5 Business Days. There are no fees or penalties for cash withdrawals and I love that it isn't instantly accessible.

For me, there is simply NO WAY that I have ever found that is so effective for long term savings goals.

I believe making money should be achievable for everyone and this is a great start with lots of cool incentives. To get started with $5 in your Raiz account click here.

Question - Have you tried Raiz? Are you going to? Would love to hear your Raiz success stories in the comments!