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  • Cherrie Ann


HEY LOVELY! It seems like years ago I decided to learn to sew in hopes that I could create unique, beautiful dresses that are designed to fit my body, regardless of my size and yet I still don't know how to grade patterns.

I've definitely tried to wing it on my own {with the help of YouTube} but my last attempt was a complete let down.

After seeing Mimi G's gorgeous pink DIY Flamingo Ogen Camisole & Wrap Skirt using Simplicity Pattern #8606 I believed a wrap skirt would be the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe without the hassle of altering a pattern.

My happiness grew as I diligently worked through the boring bit of outlining my paper pattern onto the trace and toile interfacing. I was pretty chuffed after I cut my fabric pieces out and actually understood the sewing instructions.

As each piece came together I planned my whole outfit ready for our Rottnest weekend getaway and imagined how fun it would be to proudly pose for photos.

It had seemed I was so close to finishing but when it came time to sew the final pieces together the night before we were due to leave, they weren't making sense.

It wasn't until Paul had a look that I saw I'd inadvertently traced and cut partial pieces from both C and D versions and neither were going to be salvageable in the time I had remaining. I was already tired and knew even if I managed to trace and cut the correlating pieces, I was far beyond anymore sewing.

I was so bummed out that I pretty much packed all my sewing stuff away and haven't touched it since.

However, my desire for sweet, feminine dresses has only grown.

Not one to give up on my dreams, I figured I'd pay someone else to bring my dresses to life so I posted a job on Airtasker {which doesn't allow people to communicate privately unless you accept their bid *frowny face*} but after chatting to a couple of ladies and comparing their prices to the cost of actually learning to sew I realised it seemed a waste of money when I could finally be developing the skills myself.

The last few days I've been looking for a local sewing teacher. There are a few listed across Perth but I wasn't confident in their abilities to help me cater to my body shape or enjoy working with the style I have in mind.

I've also recently joined another sewing group on Facebook called We Sew Retro where I saw another stunning dress by Kara of The Dressed Aesthetic which inspired me even more! I mean, look at this beauty!

Kara of The Dressed Aesthetic; Trompe L'oeil Print

Kara is currently in Boston and I had no idea she had any ties to Perth so I was pleasantly gobsmacked when I clicked a link on her blog that took me to a local Perth sewing teacher!

My heart sung and I had little tears of gratitude well up. Thank you serendipity {and Kara}.

So it's with much excitement that I tell you to watch this space for gorgeous photos of me floating about with pastel balloons and colourful swirls of material purposefully wrapped around my waist.

For now, I'm off to look at ice-cream inspired handbags.

Material: Spotlight

Simplicity Pattern #8606 R5: Spotlight