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  • Cherrie Ann


HEY LOVELIES! Last week I decided to make my honey (Paul) a surprise tote bag and when I asked him what material he'd like he said "Camo." (Ugh, of course, such a boy!) So I did some online "recon work", surprised to discover the variety of camo prints on offer. Eventually, he chose a digital version which meant I finally had a reason to venture into a local fabric store I'd had my eye on for a few months.

You know when you have a good feeling about something before you've even experienced it? I knew that I was going to love HomeCraft Textiles and they didn't disappoint. It was reminiscent of walking into Aladdin's Cave, discovering a treasure trove of fabrics, with something new around every corner.

I spent some time getting to know my new cubby and the super lovely and helpful staff. It was a welcome change from the usual treatment at the other fabric store.

And then it happened!

I discovered a fabric that can only be best described as "Cherrie". You can't believe how excited I am to have found this!

(I've popped a little sneak peek here for you.)

I had to laugh at what seems to be complete opposites of taste between Paul and I.

Honestly, camo print is the worst! It has those khaki greens and browns. Everything I don't enjoy in colours!

When I showed Paul my fabric compared to his and excitedly told him that mine comes in a pink version too (this is the purple version) he laughed and said "There's one with MORE pink?" 😆

Keep your eye out. I think I want to cover my walls with this fabric!

The Railway Tote bags were a really rewarding project. I'm thoroughly enjoying turning a sheet of fabric into something pretty and practical.

I decided that I'd do a test version tote on the fabric I'd purchased from Spotlight on clearance, saving most of it for a second project I have in mind.

The tote project itself was quite simple with the course video easy to follow and I found once I'd been through the design I was able to recall most of the steps a second time around without rewatching the video.

I also put my DIY Seam Guide to good use which cut down the time I was fussing about with folding the material over and ironing seams, making the process a lot more enjoyable because I could whizz along a line. (Stay tuned for a DIY Seam Guide Update.)

There was also a moment of serendipity that I really enjoyed!

I'd forgotten to buy a matching thread for the belt on Paul's bag but as it happened, I'd ordered a fabulous Gutermann 42 Thread pack from Spotlight for a half-price VIP special a few days earlier and what should be in it? The perfect matching thread of course which arrived moments before I was ready to sew, along with my new ruler. Thanks Universe.

The projects didn't come out perfect but I'm not overly disappointed like I used to be when working on something creative, in fact, I'm quite chuffed.

I got to test out my new handy dandy marking pen which obviously wasn't easy to see on the dark material but worked perfectly for the camo fabric.

I had a couple of challenges sewing through the multiple layers despite changing my needle but I found if I lengthened the stitch to 3.5 and went slowly we (Elna and I) got there in the end.

I also discovered Elna has quite a narrow space under the presser foot with no way to increase it. It's unlikely I'd be able to sew a wedding dress with Elna considering multiple layers.

It seems camo works in all sorts of environments. I called Paul into the sewing room and asked him to find something new. It took him quite some time to spot this. 😆

All in all, Paul and I are both pretty happy with our tote bags which have come in handy for car trips.

Now onto Course #2.1 - Ear Bud Case which is another little surprise for Paul.


Learn to Sew - Sew It Academy

Dual Purpose Marking Pen - Ebay

Gutermann 42 Piece 100m Poly Multicoloured Thread Set - Spotlight

Fruit Fabric - Spotlight

Camo Fabric - HomeCraft Textiles


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