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  • Cherrie Ann


HEY LOVELIES! Can you believe it's the 1st of October? It's almost my birthday and then *blink*, it's Christmas and then into another New Year. Do you have plans for Christmas yet?

The last couple of weeks I stepped away from the computer and community projects to focus on practicing my sewing with Sew It Academy and sort out the inflammation (weird lump) in my leg.

It's so convenient learning online because I'm in the comfort of my own home, can sit down when I want to and unlike school days, I'm not waiting in line to use an iron or sewing machine and I can start whatever project I choose.

I skipped Course #1.2 (whilst searching for some specific fabric) and went on to Course #2 Beginner Techniques to learn how to sew curves and circles, ready for garment sewing of necklines, armholes, waistlines and curved hems.

Practice makes progress, so I did the concave and convex swatches a few times. I was pretty chuffed with sewing curves and have them lay nice and flat. I had actually purchased magnetic sewing guides from Ebay to help with the curves but I didn't need them because I've learnt where to look and most importantly, take my time.

Marking out the seam with my new Dual Purpose Marking Pen made all the difference too.

My fabric often becomes jagged and inaccurate because of the way it lifts with the scissors when cutting, despite keeping the bottom blade pressed to my surface and pressing my fabric close. Perhaps my scissors are too big? I'll have to test this out, along with different techniques.

A while back I tried a 45mm rotary cutter but didn't have any success with it. It really didn't help that I was working on a cardboard cutting board, however I recently read a post by someone in the Australian Sewing Advice Facebook group who had the same issues so they swapped to the smallest 18mm rotary cutter which made their life a lot easier so I ordered my 18mm from Oz Quilts plus received a 28mm cutter in my Sew Easy Quilt Club Kit (which also includes a patchwork ruler and decent size cutting mat from Spotlight).

Side Note: I don't recommend ordering any sewing rulers from Ebay because they tend to arrive warped and bend out of shape. You can use the hairdryer to flatten them out but they're never quite the same.

I've tested both the 18mm and the 28mm (on the new cutting mat) which are a lot easier to control, giving me a lot more precision so I look forward to using them in future projects. (I do have to watch I don't cut the pattern though.)

Next was the make-believe neckline using The Golden Three stitches; Staystitching, Understitching & Topstitching. I used my 28mm rotary and patchwork ruler to cut out. It was a dream lining up and whipping along the straight edges and quite easy to navigate around the curve.

I finished off Course #1.2 with circle sewing practice, tracing the lines with my machine, reminding me very much of learning how to write by tracing each letter before being able to write freehand.

Although these were practice pieces, they were still very rewarding because I'm seeing a lot of improvement in the finished edges.

It will be time to start looking at an overlocker soon so my raw edges look a lot more professional and prevent fraying.


Learn to Sew - Sew It Academy

Dual Purpose Marking Pen - Ebay

Sew Easy Quilt Club Kit - Spotlight

18mm Rotary Cutter - Oz Quilts

Magnetic Seam Guides - Spotlight (really cute ones at the fabric counters).


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