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  • Cherrie Ann


HEY LOVELIES! After diligently practicing sewing my curves and circles in Course #2, I felt confident that I was going to have a fairly recognisable shape for the Ear Bud Case, which is the project I purchased Paul's camo fabric for, however, this course was a lot more challenging than I anticipated.

I did a practice run using the fruit fabric I'd made my Railway Tote Bag from and excitedly put my new 18mm and 24mm rotary cutters to good use on the circles. The rotary blades made cutting out the fabric around a template/pattern almost seamless, especially around curves.

I laid my paper template over the fabric, traced around the edge with the blade whilst using the edge of my paperweight (large washer) as a stable guide (keeping my fingers out of the way).

A few weeks ago I'd been watching a video of Sewing with the Cricut Maker and Simplicity Patterns by Pattern Revolution where she used double-sided tape instead of pins for her zip placement which I thought was genius. This tip worked pretty well for my trial run however ...

... what I didn't realise was she'd used Wonder Tape, which is designed specifically for sewing which doesn't gum up the sewing needle.

By the time I attempted sewing through Paul's camo version I had to remove my needle and give it a clean but between that, the density of the fabric and the remaining tape, all the threads kept jamming, becoming a tangled mess that I had to unpick a few times.

As I mentioned earlier, I had a few challenges with Paul's version. After finally making it through with my tape fail and having a decent finish I noticed that I didn't quite sew in all the fabric along the facing zip so ... I had to start over ...

Finally, despite the tape issues, sewing mishaps and melting fabric (look for the tip on how to clean your iron) I was able to gift Paul his own Ear Bud Case which he uses each night.

Now I know where I went wrong, I've ordered some Bohin's Double-sided Adhesive Sewing Tape from Oz Quilts, ready for bag making, attaching zippers, doing hems on stretch fabric and such. Wonder tape is supposed to be perfect for those hard to pin projects when we need to keep multiple layers together. I'll let you know how it goes with the right tape.

And guess what! After carefully crafting out my circles I discovered this handy dandy Sew Easy Fabric Circle Cutter Yellow haha. I also have my eye on a Cricut Maker Machine which is perfect for tracing and cutting out smaller pattern pieces, in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

QUESTION - Do you have a Cricut Machine? If so, what projects have you used it for?


1. Use Wonder Tape instead of normal double-sided tape.

2. Clean your iron whilst it is reasonably warm with magic sponges.


Learn to Sew - Sew It Academy

18mm Rotary Cutter - Oz Quilts

28mm Rotary Cutter - Spotlight (comes in the Sew Easy Quilt Club Kit)

Gutermann 42 Piece 100m Poly Multicoloured Thread Set - Spotlight

Fruit Fabric - Spotlight

Camo Fabric - HomeCraft Textiles


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