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  • Cherrie Ann


HEY LOVELY! It seems surreal to me that I'm writing about skin cancer that has become life-threatening. I've always thought of myself as the strong one who rarely got sick and if I did, I always had a very healthy immune system that lessened the effects of my illness, especially compared to those around me. To realise my body is really struggling to get on top of something, especially something that started from a mole, doesn't seem very me at all.

If you have been following my journey, Part One & Part Two you'll know that I was waiting on PET scan results to see if the disease had spread beyond my groin and how we are going to treat it.

Let me tell you, I've been through a range of emotions in the last two weeks, mostly upset at how my health has changed in a very short amount of time of Paul and I being together and how that affects our lifestyle together.


Unfortunately, the scan shows that it has also spread into my pelvic area (probably more lymph nodes that are clustered in there) but fortunately, it doesn't show in my organs such as my liver or lungs although it has steadily been making its way up.


As you can imagine, whilst I was waiting on my results I've been googling away, looking for some insight into what to expect and in most cases like mine, the recommended way forward was to remove all the lymph nodes in that area, biopsy them all afterwards then start with radiation and chemotherapy.

Basically, physically remove all possible evidence and nuke the place.

The idea of moving beyond treatment but forever being stuck with lymphodema in at least one of my legs was a horrifying thought so it was incredibly relieving to be told that their first plan was to only remove the tumour in my leg and in my groin, following up with treatment afterwards to catch the rest, which at this stage is more than likely going to be immunotherapy.

Usually, the body works seamlessly to determine whether or not to kill sick or damaged cells that have gone a little haywire and will seek them out and gobble them up, but in the case of cancer, the cells may have gone undetected giving them the opportunity to grow into tumours and/or the immune system may need a massive boost.

My boys and I were having a giggle that essentially some of my body has become "immortal" and that one day, cancer could be used as the basis to everlasting life.

Until that day, my tumours must be surgically removed and biopsied to decide which treatment path to take, however, it seems we are going to use my own immune system to eradicate residual cancer cells, wherever they may be hanging out.