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  • Cherrie Ann


HEY LOVELY! Paul and I had been dating for about 6 months when he applied for his passport, deciding he wanted to "test it out" somewhere quick and close as soon as it arrived, so Bali it was!

It seems that nearly everyone local to Perth has been to Bali at one time in their life or another due to affordable air fares {sometimes as low as $150 return}, the super close proximity {it's about a 4 hour flight to Bali; approximately the same time to Melbourne}, higher exchange rates {$1 AUD gives you about 10,000 IDR} and the welcoming nature of the Balinese.

The perfect combination for a quick couples getaway.

ACCOMMODATION Initially we were looking at accommodation online with some booking site but there's an overwhelming amount of choice and we weren't really sure a) what area we should stay in or b) if we were going to get exactly what we paid for.

Rather then risk having a disappointing first experience, we decided to seek help from the experts.

Less than an hour with our newfound travel agent, Anika from Escape Travel (which is now Flight Centre) and we had decided on White Rose Kuta Resort, what appeared to be a hidden Balinese oasis located in the heart of the Kuta-Legian area. {It was HEAVENLY!}

Bali, Kuta: White Rose Kuta Resort

We added in our air fares, flying with AirAsia from Perth to Denpasar, pre-booked our transfers to and from the airport with Buffalo Tours and of course, added travel insurance for any unexpected hiccups.

COUNT DOWN We were booked to travel at the end of May, beginning of June which is considered to be the best time to visit Bali in terms of the dry season weather, also being between high seasons and WA school holidays.

Anyone who knows me well is aware that I'm not a fan of being cold so Bali was my final opportunity to soak up some warmth before enduring Perth's winter for the next 3 months.

Adding to our excitement, our Bali getaway was going to give us 5 whole days together which until then, had been the longest we had been in each others company as a couple. Spoiler alert; it was a turning point in our relationship.

Most of our dates during the next 3 weeks ended up in front of a screen of some sort, happily googling all things Bali and listening to our new theme song, the 80's Pina Colada tune Escape - Rupert Holmes. {What? It's a love song in the end} We narrowed it down to the following:


Our Musts:

Enjoy a Piña colada cocktail from a coconut whilst watching a sunset from the beach

Drink cocktails by the poolside

Visit Tanah Lot

Avoid Bali Belly

My Musts:

Get warm!! {Our winter had begun and I'd heard that Bali was a warm tropical haven}

Have a Bali fish spa

Eat yummy seafood {any excuse}

Spend time in the water

Buy sarongs for my mum

His Musts:

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek {Read Part 3 to see how that one played out}

Try the most expensive coffee in the world, famous because it's pooped out of some monkey's butt {That was my interpretation}

Barter with the locals


Visa/Immigration - No visa is required when travelling to Bali as an Australian tourist for less than 30 days.

Passport - My passport still had more than 6 months left on it and Paul's was brand new so we were all good there.

Vaccinations - Although there are no mandatory vaccines required to travel to Bali, we have found that rabies is present in some of the local animals and a traveller only needs to be licked by an infected animal to have it potentially passed it along. However, ordinary soap does kill the virus if you're licked but shouldn't be relied on if you're bitten. We didn't receive any vaccines although it may be something we look into, especially if we plan to travel to more remote parts of Bali or different parts of the world.

Money - I exchanged some Australian dollars for Indonesian Rupiah at my local currency exchange but Paul waited until we were at the airport. Neither of us had notes smaller than a 100,000 which was a rookies mistake.

We also let our banks know that we were travelling internationally so our cards didn't trigger any security alerts. {Most banks nowadays detect unexpected international use}

Communication - Paul switched his phone over to international roaming with Vodafone. I was with Optus at the time and didn't think it would be necessary but it was a bit of a pain not having my own access. {I couldn't send drunken text messages to my sons}

Luggage & Packing - I made sure I packed enough of my own clothes because I wasn't confident I'd be able to buy any plus size labels. Having tailor-made clothes was definitely on my to do list for next time.

Electronics - I think we were given a couple of power adaptors with our tickets. Cabin Bag - Lip balm is an absolute must for me when travelling anywhere! Along with a pen ready for the custom declaration form. Any edge to get ahead in the immigration line is a blessing and not having to line up at the table to fill out the form is one of them.

Question: Have you ever been to Bali? Where did you stay and what did you do? Can you recommend a dressmaker?

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