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  • Cherrie Ann


It started with a poised, darkened silence that immediately captivated and drew the audience in and through a choreographed performance, weaved the enchanting story of the transformational journey from respectful child into respected Shaolin monk.

The Shaolin Warriors presented a well synchronized team of graceful acrobats in a mesmerizing showcase of their Kung Fu abilities and dazzling displays of weaponry with featured moments of gasp worthy individual feats of some of the human body’s fuller potential all obviously wrapped in respect for the deeper roots of their cultural beliefs.

Definitely the kind of entertaining experience that needed a fog machine and it delivered, coupled with gorgeous musical sounds, tunes and beats that lit up more of our senses whilst engaging a medley of human emotion including laughter, which at times, for me, was well welcomed to break the pure intensity of the show.

I remember at one point becoming grateful and humbled through my awareness that although I was witnessing a performance I was also witnessing individuals who had spent years training in the art of Kung Fu and were truly capable. I relished the fact that I could trust that they were here to purely entertain and entertain they did.

We each left with our own interpretation of the experience and as we moved through the crowd it was clear to see the influence it had had on some of us, noticing young children (who perhaps had been on stage) reenact their moment of glory or something that tickled their fancy as they tumble rolled across the floor and I expect each adult had a crazy Kung Fu move just dying to come out as they departed and no doubt waited until they were home to secretly try it out. I know we did.

Tip 1 – I will say this, if you are a family with young children then buy tickets for the ground floor so your children have the opportunity to participate live on stage. I am personally aware through my interview with them that this is the Shaolin Warrior’s favourite part of the show and I believe the young minds that walked on the stage, walked off differently for the experience of it.

Tip 2 – They should make the music into a sellable product.

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